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Mr. Rogers Loves You....But We Dont
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join our communtity cause you know that we are wicked awesome and you want to. also the first 10 people get in without having to fill out an app. but we do request that you post to let us know who you are. when you apply please post behind a cut and make the subject line read: Critically Acclaimed

but if you arent one of the ten or you just want us to get to know you then fill out our little application:

Nicknames ( or are you not cool enough for one?):
Age (At Least 13 ):
Status (single, taken, etc.):
Sexual Orientation:
Something that makes you totally awesome:
Why should we like you?
What are your special "Talents"?
Top 10 all time favorite bands:
Top 6 all time favorite movies:
Whats plaing in your cd player right now?
Last cd you bought?
If you had to label yourslef what would your label be?
Have you ever cheated on anyone?
How many enemies do you have?
Role model?
Best and Worst Traits:

Gay Marriage:
Geaorge W. Bush:
Fat people:
Ugly people:
Britney Speares being pregnant:
Plastic surgery:
Smoking/ drinking:

Are you a vegan or vegitarian?
What books are your favorites?
Why do you want to join this community?
Anything else youd like to add?

Promote 2 places and provide the links:
Post at LEAST two CLEAR pictures of yourself ( the more the merrier)