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7/12/05 11:45 pm - xbleedingxcutsx - more aim convos from skyy

*me and andrew (d-r-u-w)

xJustForgetx: HORNEY
punkrox1226: hey my sweet caked man whore
xJustForgetx: ooh u know it
punkrox1226: you should come over and we can play doctor

*me and cody c

rosesandrevolver: im funnier then cheetos in a wheelchair
hollywoodnsleaze: no you arent
hollywoodnsleaze: cheetos in a wheelchair is the funniest
rosesandrevolver: o ya
rosesandrevolver: nope
hollywoodnsleaze: yeah
rosesandrevolver: half eaten animal crackers in a wheelchair is the funniest, cuz it happens allthe time

7/12/05 08:48 pm - nielhouse - On the night you left to find another place to sleep, in rain and regret.

Soon ends our stay here and it's been fun.
So tonight I'll raise my glass to us.
'Cause we've talked so much I think we filled this ashtray twice,
And I'm pretty sure we emptied every bottle in the place...

So let's walk home, let's be afraid.
I wanna grab you by the arms and kiss you so hard.
Let's do it right, under the streetlight.
I want it now, somehow I forgot how.

Way to go, way to go.
Forgot you've got so far to go.
Way to go, way to go.
Forgot you've got so far to go.

I heard everybody's voice cut out when you spoke.
And I watched all the lights go dim when your eyes opened.
Well I can't believe you showed up,
What do I do now?
It's last call, time to go.
But before we say goodnight...

Let's walk home, let's be afraid.
I wanna grab you by the arms and kiss you so hard.
Let's do it right under the streetlight.
I want it now, somehow I forgot how.

Way to go, way to go.
Forgot you've got so far to go.
Way to go, way to go.
Forgot you've got so far to go.
Forgot you've got so far, you've got so far to go.
Forgot you've got so far, you've got so far to go.
Forgot you've got so far, you've got so far to go.
Forgot you've got so far, you've got so far to go.


7/12/05 07:54 pm - xbleedingxcutsx - skyy is doing what she does best...being a bitch

hollywoodnsleaze: and say rude things about the people i care about
wiggerkid109: well i wont treat u that way starting now
wiggerkid109: im sorry that i did
hollywoodnsleaze: uh hu
wiggerkid109: u have to belive me
hollywoodnsleaze: well my new thing is to be honest..or maybe im pmsing but you have really pissed me off the past couple of days
wiggerkid109: and im sorry that i have
wiggerkid109: really
hollywoodnsleaze: ok...but just for future refereance if you ever talk about zed that way to me again it wont be pretty
wiggerkid109: ok
hollywoodnsleaze: i just want you to know that cause i dont think ive been that pissed in a while

7/11/05 02:03 pm - xbleedingxcutsx

sambachaotic: COW!
sambachaotic: no, make the sheep go moo!
hollywoodnsleaze: a loud one tooo
hollywoodnsleaze: like this

7/11/05 12:08 pm - nielhouse - Flames of hell give me hope.

If I could make out with a TV show, I would make out with South Park.

Which show would you make out with?

7/11/05 09:36 am - sambachic


i just don't know how i'm going to do that...

oh well....i'm just going to waste your time:
z00t<i like this one best c00t v00t b00t n00t m00t haha...i'm bored and lame...the end

7/6/05 11:27 pm - xbleedingxcutsx - my trucker cap has a name...JOEY

this has got to be one of the weirdest things to happen to me in awhile...
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7/6/05 01:04 am - xbleedingxcutsx

1. Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b>
2. Eliminate the asterisks.
3. Replace "yourusername" with your user name.
4. See what color you are



i hope this works..otherwise ill be pissed...

7/5/05 01:49 am - xbleedingxcutsx - theres only us

im posting what im about to read in here because it has to do with the three of us. plus christie and stephanie. ok...we all know that stephanie threateded to beat my ass on my xanga...cause i told christie to drop the whole thing. so then me and wendes were jokingly talking like we were going to beat their asses. so i commented on jodies xanga..a.nd the whole point of that is to get away from christie in the first place...and i breifly mentioned how we were going to beat their asses. in a joking way. cause we all know i wouldnt do something like that unless i have to. and i guess they see it and automatically assume it was them...even though i didnt use names at all. so then they figured out my screen name..i should really take that off my xanga now that i think about it... and then christie was all like you want to fight and i was like christie it was a joke between my friends, youre over reacting. if she didnt want all this she shouldnt have dragged me into it in the first place. sp we talked about it and i was like christie i dont know you and i dont want to actually fight you and she was like oh ok...thats cool...i respect that. but then stephanie was all on my tail saying she wouldnt fight and how ishouldnt mess with her friends. and i was like well maybe you shouldnt be messing with mine. and it went on like that for awhile and they were trying to get me to meet them somewhere in dallas this week and i was like yeah whatever. so now according to them the nxt time i show my face in frisco and if they ever see me im getting my ass kicked. so im scared to go to the mall on the weekends now. cause seriously..who really takes me litterally. so now im probably going to end up calling the cops on them because they wont fucking leave me alone at all and they keep doing shit like this. and then i was like were not going to fight you stephanie and that made her madder. she was like well im going to mess up you and jodie and that other bitch (im assuming she meant wendes...im not sure) and i was like you come within an inch of them you will regret it as soon as it happens. cause im going to fucking call the cops about it. and she was like well im going to wait for one of your friends to throw the first punch so i said they wouldnt do that cause unlike you and christie my friends are actually smart. so then she finally signed off. so yeah...im afraid to ever go to my dads house again cause im afraid im going to get my asses kicked by druggies. over a joke. so im sorry jodie about all this...maybe we should give up on xanga...or you should block them or something. this is really starting to piss me off. i was talking to DJ when this was going on and he was like ive never heard you this angry before. and its cause ive never been this angry before. its one thing to mess with me. but when you start to mess with my friends then you see a whole other side of me. and its not a pretty one. so just to let ya'll know...dont worry about them...their after ya'll as much as me anymore. they seem pretty content on kicking my ass for right now. even though stephanie totally said she was going to kick mine on my actual xanga. at least i said it behind their backs...and i thought theyd never see it. so im sorry. but jodie i just want to let you know that i have you covered and i know some people. ill call stephanie or something (she gave me her number...wtf?) and make sure all this is cleared. even though they dont want you as much as me seeing as i said it. so yeah...they really shouldnt have messed with me like this. especially when it has to deal with my two best friends in the whole world. i wont let anything happen.

we should come up with a master plan....



7/4/05 11:49 pm - xbleedingxcutsx

punkrox1226: you have your own paragraph now
xatheistxpeacex: hahahahahahahaha
xatheistxpeacex: thank you skyy
xatheistxpeacex: that makes me feel special
punkrox1226: yay!!!
xatheistxpeacex: because i come b4 dj AND AND zed

*i talked about nathan in my cool look at my good friends page cause he was feeling depressed...and im nice like that...i made someone happy

w00t w00t
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