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Name: Skyy
Nicknames ( or are you not cool enough for one?): skizzle, skizz, skyra, skyyblue
Age (At Least 13 ):14
Status (single, taken, etc.):i have been stolen
Sexual Orientation: least the last time i checked
Something that makes you totally awesome:im going to btwhspva....and it has a really long name...and my bf has jodie hair...i think that might help make me awesome...then how about when i wear prom dresses or just because you love me lots
Why should we like you? because you have known me since i was younger and way stupid
What are your special "Talents"? oh there are many *wink wink*
Top 10 all time favorite bands:nirvana, the violent femmes, weezer, the white stripes, HIM, janis joplin, grateful dead, bright eyes, the doors, butthole surfers
Top 6 all time favorite movies:wizard of oz, moulin rouge, the crow, rhps, chicago, cabaret
Whats plaing in your cd player right now? the violent femmes-self title
Last cd you bought? i really cant remember...maybe im wide awake its morning?
If you had to label yourslef what would your label be? im too mixed up to have a label...ive gotten everything in the book of highschool cliques i swear
Have you ever cheated on anyone? answer.......
How many enemies do you have?many
Role model? kurt, janis, paris, jim, and of course none other than liza and madonna
Best and Worst Traits: best...i can throw meself in awkward situations and be fine. crazy and can be really bitchy

Gay Marriage: why shouldnt they get married? they are in love after all
Geaorge W. Bush: there is nothing i can do about him...but i still hate his guts
Abortion: if its your own fault then you shouldnt be able to
Religion: its your decision
Fat people: they are sweaty....
Ugly people: i dont really know any "ugly" people
Britney Speares being pregnant: SHE HAD HER BABY!!!!!!!!!!WOO FREAKING HOOOO!!!!!!
Plastic surgery: not for it not against it...its your body
Smoking/ drinking: not really my thing anymore but hey whatever

Are you a vegan or vegitarian? vegitarian
What books are your favorites? virin suicides, girl interrupted, harry fucking potter
Why do you want to join this community? ive already joined...i made it
Anything else youd like to add?im going to be a big sister...thought you might want to know

Promote 2 places and provide the links:i dont think i need to do that.....

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