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i have a very long story for ya'll...

okay...well, we all know wendes and mitch are over. (sorry about third person). but i'm gonna start from way in the beginning when we first started going out.

it all started with me sending him an email telling him i liked him. i went to UT before i got the reply and when i came back i got his reply saying he liked me too but he was still with sarah. so i get on aim and he starts talking to me and i thought it was because he felt guilty for turning me down but then he ended up saying he wanted to break up with sarah because he liked me. and that is what he did. he broke up with sarah, and asked me out, claiming he was pissed off and hated her(i'm paraphrasing). but can you truely hate someone that you went out with for three months with and did more than just hold hands.

so we start going out, all is good except for sarah "bugging" him about how she still liked him and then going and trying to be my friend.

but that died down. he went to his boy scout thing and i was free for two weeks, it was nice, not having to feel obliged to always talk to him and hang out with him(you would think he was an only child, always wanting to do something, kind of annoying). he came back and that's when i really start to give our relationship another thought. he changed, like when we started going out he acted different and i didn't like it at all.(he's fucking corny, i hate it, and he doesn't talk, he doesn't even try to make things fun, that was my job, bleh).

so i planned to break up with him until all of the sudden he starts talking about (on aim) how he did something to his leg and all this other crap...and i couldn't find it in myself to break up with him at a time like that for him.

so i asked some people what to do. christina said wait and deiter told me not to do it on aim. and i think they all made good points, so i did what they said, i decided to wait till school started. meanwhile i was semibitchy and avoided him, hoping he would take a hint. also, i thought maybe there was still something between him and sarah after reading his xanga chatterbox. i'm not exactly sure he liked me that much in the first place cause i was looking at how he is always commenting these long comments on sarah's xanga (from when they were going out) and he never did that for me. he never try to do anything with me.

so school comes and i don't see him once. i was okay with that, not seeing him helped in a way. i hardly ever talked to him on aim anymore too.

so finally last night he instant messages me saying "i have bad news"...could he have finally taken a hint?..."well, with us starting high school and there being so many people i don't know if i feel that way anymore". i guess he thought he was breaking my heart, hah, please. i was so glad it was over. sure i would've prefered to be the one who technically broke up with him (it was more of a mutual agreement) but i was finally free.

well, i come home and get online for a minute and he IMs me saying hey. well, i had been thinking about what he had many other people? i asked him, who do you like? guess who...SARAH!!!

and if you know the drama that she put me through than you know why now i am pissed. "oh, but she is more serious now"...bullshit. she's a slut and you just want a makeout buddy because we never did anything you son of a bitch.

i should've seen that coming.

and seeing as i'm a nice person and i saw that he was in a bad mood i comforted anyways, even though i was mad at him.

ugh, sorry if i wasted your time with my long rant but i feel so much better now that that is all out in the open and off my chest. if i didn't make sense, lo siento.
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